Fashion magazine Fashion Times described Annalisa as “An independent woman, self confident, brave, moved by a deep enthusiasm and a strong thirst for knowledge.”

Annalisa is a modern and cosmopolitan woman who doesn’t fear to show her individual growth and who questions you and herself, encouraging you to make your dreams come true to express yourself at your best, not worrying about suffocating social conventions and pushing you to think independently, free from useless prejudices.

Annalisa Peretti is Founder, owner & CEO of Fashion Skyline INC. After graduating from Law School, and while she worked as a lawyer, she attended several post-degree courses and Masters in Fashion Law, Fashion Industry and Marketing Product Management, Commercial Law and International Contracts Management.

At a certain point in her life, she realized that what she really wanted was to turn her lifelong passions, which are fashion, traveling and interior design, into her full-time job.

This led her to become Founder and Creative Director of her own brand, AP by Annalisa Peretti, owned by her company Fashion Skyline Inc.


With its spirit and desire for excellence, Annalisa Peretti established Fashion Skyline INC. to introduce to the world, and in particular to Americans, the artistry and quality of Italian fashion. Fashion Skyline INC. is a California company established in Los Angeles in 2018 that owns different trademarks, the main one is AP by Annalisa Peretti.

Fashion Skyline INC. mission is to communicate a story of creativity , passion, perseveration  and promotion of the Italian style and beauty around the world and in particular in USA.