Annalisa Pereti is a Los Angeles based luxury high-end brand made in italy.

With the creative visions of our director, Annalisa Peretti creates collections which feature an unmistakable Italian design. Some of our pieces are continuative in every season and can made with a tone of different and new high quality sustainable italian fabric.

Annalisa Peretti reflects the personal style of our creative director, which is refined, classy and feminine with a trendy touch.
Annalisa Peretti is not only a style but also tells a story – the story of a brave, educated, well-traveled and smart Italian woman with a big personality and sophisticated style.

With passion, determination, and loyalty to her Italian roots, she builds the foundation of her company in Beverly Hills. Her vision is to showcase the Italian essence and made in Italy worldwide through her designs.

Annalisa Peretti is a Law School graduate and practiced as a lawyer before taking on a Masters program in Fashion Industry. She is a sheer example of hard work and independence and demonstrates the courage it takes to follow one’s dreams.

Annalisa Peretti is a brand that radiates femininity through its chic, glamorous, yet minimalistic designs. A woman who wears Annalisa Peretti can easily be identified as a classy and independent woman who enjoys traveling and taking on the modern contemporary world.

Annalisa Peretti caters to all women with a desire to feel like a modern princess, a Jacqueline Kennedy of today. Most importantly, AP by Annalisa Peretti is for the woman who has the courage to pursue her dreams making them become reality.

The Annalisa Peretti brand is a mark of elegance and simplicity that extends its reach beyond the imagination of her clients. The brand mark represents openness and freedom that are the hallmarks of a fashionable woman. Clean and timeless this message being communicated when woman is wearing a design marked by Annalisa Peretti.

Every consciously fashionable woman uses the mirror as a tool and resource to help her very own signature look.The Annalisa Peretti woman is the reflection of style and grace that embraces the iconic movement of the brand. If the style is important the brand exposure is key to joy and the individual expression of an official Annalisa Peretti brand ambassador.

AP by Annalisa Peretti a capsule collection

Made with high quality materials and details that make all the difference

AP by Annalisa Peretti enters the fashion scene with a capsule collection featuring cocktail mini-dresses that are versatile and can be worn on multiple occasions. From business meetings, events, ceremonies, parties or even romantic evening, AP by Annalisa Peretti has a dress for it all

Certificates sustainable fabrics

Annalisa Peretti uses only the highest quality materials. The fabrics are certificated sustainable from the well-known Italian brand Tessitura di Creavacuore. These fabrics are produced in Borgosesia, Piedmont and have been seen on many runways since 1946. Being a brand so rich in historical value, Tessitura di Creavacuore works to use traditional methods of production such as weaving and machine looms. Traditional production does not mean outdated, as Tessiture di Creavacuore complies with all safety regulations such as REACH, which bans the use of harsh chemicals.

Annalisa Peretti only uses the finest quality fabrics which are traditionally and ethically made, to align with the brand vision.
With great attention to detail, Annalisa Peretti adds great personal value to each of their items. Vintage buttons can be found throughout the collection and each one is personalized with the logo AP in multiple colors.

Many of these items and their accessories are handmade, such as the signature georgette flower, the fringe bow zippers, and the hand-sewn bows. These are just a few of the many details that make this collection one of a kind.