Annalisa Peretti is a high-end and high-quality luxury sustainable women’s ready-to-wear fashion line made in Italy and based in Los Angeles. We created also a casual line made in USA.

It’s unicity consists in being timeless and chic yet feminine and contemporary.

Annalisa Peretti, with its spirit and desire for excellence, aim to communicate a story of creativity, passion, perseveration and promotion of the Italian artistry, design and beauty around the world.

With the creative visions of our director, Annalisa Peretti creates collections which feature an unmistakable Italian design. Some of our pieces are continuative in every season and can made with a tone of different and new high quality sustainable italian fabric.

Annalisa Peretti brand identity reflects the style and personality of our creative director, which is intellectual-chic and cerebral sensuality.

Annalisa Peretti brand is a mark of elegance and simplicity that extends its reach beyond the imagination of her clients. The brand mark represents openness, freedom and sophistication which are the hallmarks of a fashionable woman.

Annalisa Peretti is not only a style but also tells a story – the story of a brave, well educated, confident and independent Italian woman who enjoys traveling and taking on the modern contemporary world.

Annalisa Peretti encourages you to make your dreams come true, expressing yourself at your best, and pushing you to think independently, free from useless prejudices and not worrying about suffocating social conventions.

Annalisa Peretti woman is the reflection of style and grace that embraces the iconic movement of the brand.

When wearing Annalisa Peretti, our women feel confident and elegant. We believe that elegance is an understated style and a personal choice: it’s intangible and it has to do with movement, posture, gestures, politeness, inner beauty and our way of being.

Our luxury is expressed through minimalistic, Italian design which is the opposite of vulgarity.

We want to encourage our women to take possession of their life and future.

Quality and Sustainability

Annalisa Peretti uses the finest high quality Italian materials, including silk and cashmere, which are traditionally and ethically made. The majority of which are certificated sustainable by Tessitura di Creavacuore in Borgosesia, Piedmont, Italy, rich in historical value, that has been seen on many runway shows since 1946.

Annalisa Peretti can provide to our customer the Scope Certificate by Tessitura di Creavacuore that has been audited and found to be in conformity with Responsible Animal Fiber Standard.

With great attention to detail, Annalisa Peretti adds great personal value to each of their items. Many of them are handmade, such as the chain, fringe, bow and the enameled branded buttons. These are just a few of the many details that make this collection one of a kind.